Thursday, 29 May 2014

Hi to all my lovely followers! 
From university life to working and not much else in between, I have managed to take some pictures of my daily life and post them on a little insider look into my daily antics on my Instagram page. I actually can not believe how quickly this year has gone, we are in the final days of May and it will already be at the half way point of 2014. It only feels like yesterday that we were reigning in the new year through celebratory drinks and yelling happy new year at the top of our voices. I know for me thinking it is so close to the 6th month of this year brings a sudden dreaded feeling along with it, a sense of have I actually accomplished anything or to the wow things have changed. A lot has changed for me through starting University and doing something I throughly enjoy there, meeting new people, starting a new job and becoming essentially happier with myself and my life as a whole. With the half way point of 2014 looming around the corner, instead of thinking of the things you have not achieved look at the things you wish to achieve for the remainder of this year and set goals in which you can tick of the achieved list. 

The above pictures are some of my most liked pictures throughout the past few months, just displaying my style and life in general. The two gorgeous sunset pictures were taken at my second home being the Gold Coast. Feel free to follow my Instagram
account for constant updates of what I am up to! 

I want to apologise for being so incredibly inactive over the past few months, as I stated I have been SO busy with work and Uni. I hope though that it will soon change as I have had a burst of inspiration which I am determined to feed straight into this blog.  I have some exciting news to announce shortly (in regards to traveling) and some new posts/ideas in the works for Wearing Wanderlust. I hope you are liking the new theme as well!

Love Codie 

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