Thursday, 12 June 2014

World wide beauty retailer Sephora is opening their first
Australian store in Sydney in early 2015. 

If you are getting antsy at the thought of Sephora being so close yet so far away
if you do not reside in Sydney, fear not because it appears that with
 the opening of the new store, Sephora is looking at establishing
another 25 stores throughout Australia. 

The question on everyones lipstick stained lips is what about the pricing?
 Sephora is notorious for cheap products within the American beauty industry but
is this going to continue in Australia?
We are all praying to the beauty gods that this be the case. 

What about the competition it is going to create within Australia's beauty industry.
The financial review said that it has declined offers from Myer,
David Jones and Mecca Cosmetica to create concession based
 stores and go it alone. Sephora having annual sales of $4.4 billion,
 you can see why they wouldn't partner with local competitors who
were the go to stores in relation to having a dominant market of premium cosmetics. 

Brands ranging from Chanel, Stila, Clinique, Urban Decay, Clairns, Dior, Benefit,
 Smashbox, Too Faced, plus many more (click here for a full list of brands)
 We all know we are going to find something that we must have or perhaps an entire basket full. 

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