Friday, 24 January 2014

What was looking like an incredibly bleak weekend filled with grey skies and rain clouds has subsided - Marshmallow clouds float endlessly throughout the blue abyss and the radiant glow of the sun warms the skin now bringing a smile to the face of every Australian who had plans to spend Australia day parked on the white sand beaches, watching the different blues circle throughout the vast ocean as the waves come crashing in. With all fingers and toes (in most likely out national choice of shoe, the trusty thong or flip flops) crossed, I as well as many are hoping this weather stays exactly where it belongs. 

Palm trees are casting shadows over where I lay on this pristine white beach; Greens, aquas and blues create the ocean which in turn makes it look as if it has been brushed onto a canvas by an artist, the attire of the day is bikinis in shades that match the sand or wild prints or the classic black. The sounds that are being heard ranges from the waves hitting the shore, the rustle of the leaves in the canopy of palm trees or the slight sound of music in the background. After some time of relaxing, it is decided that you are going to tick something of that bucket list of yours and jump - You bend your knees and launch yourself into the clear water, feeling completely free. This is what I am dreaming of (one day perhaps I will be a professional traveller or a host on a travel show, a girl can dream!) and to fall in love with my life as I hope that you do with yours. I just couldn't help but include two gorgeous Australian women who I admire and secretly wish I was: Lara Bingle and Catherine McNeil. 

To my Australian followers I hope you have an incredible Australia day filled with spending time with your family, the day spent by the beach playing cricket/AFL/Rugby and having an oh so traditional BBQ. 

Summer Playlist:

Just a little side note! I am so incredibly sorry how inactive I have been! I have been ultra busy with University, I am currently going between the Gold Coast and Brisbane every week. But I have some exciting ideas and adventures planned - So stay tuned! 

I am also planning on doing a vlog in regards to this weekend (Australia day weekend) 

I hope all has been well and thank you for reading! 

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