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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Walking past several designer stores such as Moschino, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana - To name just a small amount and taking in all of the truly Italian sights, smells, people, architecture and this small dose was only on the way to the Spanish steps! I could not possibly imagine that it could get any better then that but of course being in Europe and of course Italy it just keeps on giving and giving!

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Walking through the never ending alley ways where the buildings of terracotta shades stood tall, creating shadows upon the rugged stone roads it wasn't long until we arrived at no doubly one of the most famous foundations - The Trevi Fountain. All you could gasp was wow as you turned the corner and realised what was in front of you. The sheer grandeur and intricate detailing was enough to make me fall in love with incredible monument but as they say "When in Rome, do what the Romans do" You know that you just had to go ahead and throw a coin in. One coin, you will return to Rome; Two coins, you will find love and three coins you will get married or divorced. I threw in two, fingers crossed I find love *Le sighs*

As the sun started to disappear from the crystal blue skies above Rome and the dark started to fall, the beauty of Rome was shown in a completely different light. The white and light browns of the buildings radiated against the dark veil that laid behind them, the lights beamed up displaying the building in all its glory. 

Surrounded by walls the Vatican city stands within the city of Rome, the smallest country in the world you simply can't describe the feeling of being in the enclave of the walls to anyone. Gorgeous gardens overlook the premise, lush green grass, pots of fuchsia pink flowers and fountains are just as stunning as the buildings that lay behind them. St Peters Basilica's intricate white dome appears over the buildings - Making its presence known and felt against the perfectly blue sky. If you aren't overwhelmed already then the museum is something that is truly going to bewilder you. Pieces of art dating back to the ancient times and the history of all the Popes throughout the many centuries is all laid out for you to marvel out. Now St Peters Basilica's grandeur is out of this world, Michelangelo was commissioned to paint the basilica displaying the story of the old and new testament. Each painting is remarkable, the detail and the size is just jaw dropping and the fact that it was his first ever time painting makes it even more outstanding. 

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