Greece Photo and Video Diary

Sunday, 4 August 2013

She dreamed of para-para-paradise! Spending half the day in a quaint little beach side town in Greece truly put me in the relaxed island vibe that I was going to be experiencing for the next three days whilst on a yacht, sailing through the islands. The inevitable soon came and we had to learn how to sail - Pull this rope, untie this, wind this in a clockwise direction around this leaver and then we were off! 

Docking at a hotel in a small pebbled stone cove where the fairy floss coloured clouds soon took over the sky, the crystal clear water where schools of fish could be seen swimming under the dock, relaxing by the pool while holding a ice cold drink all the while thinking this is paradise. The next few days were spent in bikinis, laying on the front of the yacht, soaking up the rays of sunshine radiating from the blue skies above, anchoring on several occasions where we could grab our lilos and float in the clear ocean where 16 meters down you could see the bottom or while the dark veil of night fell docking at one of the small towns along the way and learning how to greek dancing or enjoy the traditional Greek souvlaki *Delicious!* 

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