Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Winding in and out of the hills, while overlooking the postcard worthy views of Montenegro, I could not help but think "What does Croatia have install for me!" The vast blue stretched out until the horizon edges, where the sky turned from a white into a gorgeous blue hue, beach side towns dotted the shore line, mega yachts sat anchored behind little islands, the terracotta roofs whizzed by the window as I sat on the bus already wishing I had longer in Montenegro. After possibly the best spaghetti carbonara I have EVER had we soon arrived in Croatia. The vast walls of Dubrovnik being seen from the hill tops that overlook this old and truly magical city, a sight that I have been dreaming of seeing since first laying my eyes on them in travel magazines. 

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Walking through the old city walls and through the arch way that leads to the main street, you can't help but feel as if you have been transported in time - Old music plays, people dressed up in clothes of centuries gone by, the wounds left by the siege of Dubrovnik still linger upon the walls, the floor and of course in the peoples minds. Soaking up the summer sun, admiring the architecture and what Dubrovnik has to offer; stumbling across a little market selling local goods such as chocolate, candles, oils, fruit and wines or walking in the stone paved back streets where the stairs ascend towards the sky. Walking out of the old town, you are left feeling dwarfed by the colossal walls - wishing they could speak so they could share what they have witnessed over the many centuries. The crystal blue water where the schools of fish can be seen swimming past greets you as you stand taking in the beauty around you. Among the many backstreets and the many stairs, you will find a tiny hole in the old city walls where a cliff top bar is hidden. Once you walk through the very small opening you are left saying wow with what awaits you - The vast blue stretches out, the sun is sitting high in the sky, mega yachts and cruise ships strategically nestled next to lush islands and people sit sipping their cocktails and for the more adventurous of types they dive off the very top of the cliffs (a 22 meter fall, if you are a dare devil at heart!)

Absolutely loving Croatia I could not wait to head to Zadar! Taking in the ever-changing landscape and trying to come to terms with the fact that a country could be so beautiful, I wished I had longer to explore this gorgeous country (Plitvice Lakes National Park, I think so!) Zadar like Dubrovnik is surrounded by a wall that essentially helped with the Turks not seizing Zadar. The only Roman forum that you can walk on and an old Roman church stands proud in the centre of the walls, gorgeous gardens with an abundance of flowers sit upon the walkway beside the waters edge - All of a sudden a loud noise can be heard faintly in the distant and is is what is one of Zadar's most unique and well known landmark! The UB40 bar was our last stop as we soaked up the brilliance of the stunning sunset - A perfect way to end our short stay in Croatia!


  1. Oh, the photos are so freaking lovely, you captured the place really brilliantly! I'm actually half Croatian and I'm really happy that you like the place! Most people say that it's boring and stuff like that, but I'm glad you're not one of them :)

  2. These photo's are so stunning. I hope you had a great time in Europe!

    XO Zoë

  3. Beautiful photos! Hope you have such a lovely time in Europe!


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