Swiss Alps Photo and Video Diary

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Poppy filled fields whizzed by the window on the way from Paris to the Swiss Alps - Luscious trees in the shades of emerald and jade dotted the rolling hills and water so clear and so crystal blue it looked like it was painted by the hands of a talented artists; mixing light blues with whites to bring together this fairytale like landscape. 

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Towns laid out before me full of wooden houses with flower boxes sitting pretty outside of their windows. The sheer magnificence of the Swiss Alps soon appeared its snowy caps hurdling towards the sky - never-ending it seemed. Waterfalls cascaded down the cliff faces creating a whimsical backdrop to the picturesque town of Lauterbrunnen. 

The journey to the top of Europe started with a train ride, winding in and out of the mountain tops and cute little towns. Overlooking Lauterbrunnen the landscape soon started to change as we got higher and higher to the top. Snow started to form on the grass and icicles glistened in the sunlight. Soon I was 12,000 feet at Jungfrau, the top of Europe; my skin tingled as the cold air rushed past it but this was soon forgotten as I witnessed what was in front of me. Hills covered in a blanket of snow that seemed to never end and well as soon as I laid my hands on snow for the first time the chilly factor was soon forgotten (well for a short amount of time) 


  1. Omg these pictures reminded me so much of Heidi (cartoon).
    Lovely photos, specially the one with the deep valley!

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