Paris Photo and Video Diary

Saturday, 27 July 2013

2 days in Paris simply was not enough, like not being able to get enough of the latest issue of Vogue or not having enough macarons in the box to eat. However with that said I crammed as much as I could possibly muster into a very short 48 hours. 

We soon arrived in Paris after a four hour long bus ride through the French countryside, driving through areas that experienced the horrendous effects of world war one. Soon after a very French dinner, consisting of bread, Onion and cheese soup and of course snails - it was time for a city of lights bus tour. Winding in and out of the narrow streets, watching the traffic whizz by, bicycles following the flow of the hectic traffic, taking in the sheer intricacy of the buildings from the iron detailing on the balconies, to the stone detailing of the columns. The Sacre Coeur made an appearance while I was admiring a little side street, the top of the red windmill notoriously screamed that yes it was the Moulin Rouge and pale stone bricks, bordered with dark hued iron and grey roof tops danced outside the bus window. 

The time I spent in Paris flew by quicker then you could say "au revoir!" - But every minute I spent breathing in the air, walking around the streets aimlessly, taking in the sheer magnificence of the Eiffel Tower standing in all its glory, watching people picnic beside it (baguettes, cheese and wine of course!) , stumbling across a market full of brightly hued flowers, cheeses that spread an aroma through the air or seeing the louvre that houses some of the oldest and most famous paintings in the world. Walking down Avenue George V to soon discover the Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Hermes stores or the Arc de Triopmphe standing proud at the end of the Champs Elysees. Fairy floss like clouds hovered in the crystal blue sky while I sat outside eating my LadurĂ©e rose flavoured macaron with lychees and raspberries, sipping at my vanilla tea. It all by far was a pinch me moment. 

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  1. Paris looks totally amazing.Hope you enjoyed it<3

  2. I really enjoyed the way you described Paris.
    It must be a beautiful city to visit and an even better one to live in.


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