Nice and Monaco Photo and Video Diary

Monday, 29 July 2013

Whether you call it the French Riviera or the Cote D'azur it is by far one of the most stunning places I have laid my eyes upon. Driving through Switzerland and Italy, I didn't know what to expect from these costal cities dotted along the bottom of France. I knew from movies and pictures that what awaited me was going to be breathtaking - Water in every hue of blue that you could imagine laid stark against the white of the buildings, the stone grey of the rocks that create the beach and the darkest hue of them all let you know that it was the end of the ocean and the start of the sky. 

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Taking in the architecture that is a mix of French provincial with slight Mediterranean flair, it all was simply lovely. Walking down the main street and soon coming to an arch that took you to the awaited ocean, against the grey of the columns the ocean glistened even more brightly then what my mind had let me imagine. Sitting on an exclusive part of the beach, that yes you need to pay for a lounge and an umbrella - I had a pinch me moment. I am sitting on a seat on the beach at Nice overlooking the planes taking off from the airport, helicopters hovering past (taking their wealthy passengers to their houses at Monaco, because of course why drive when you can take your helicopter?) and watching all the tanned, glamourous people dip into the vast blue.  

Driving up the windy roads overlooking Nice, mega yachts were scattered through the azure and mansions in shades of white and pale terracotta dotted the hills of Nice. Before I knew it we were in Monaco, the second smallest country in the world and by far one of the wealthiest places I have ever encountered. Being from Australia and Queensland in particular our answer to Monaco is the Gold Coast but with that said the Gold Coast has nothing and I mean nothing on Monaco! Monte Carlo stands proud, beside it the Hotel de Paris and I must say all I was imaging whilst in Monte Carlo was Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) walking past me *Le sighs, a girl can dream ok.* What I personally found the most fun was the people and car watching, standing out front of Monte Carlo all you could feel was the sheer wealth, the luxury and the opulent lifestyles that these people live. Rolls Royces, Porches, Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghini's and Mercedes to name just a few and of course I can't forget their mega yachts anchored in the harbour and their mansions perched on one of the many hills in Monaco which is basically as close to heaven as you could get. 


  1. Gorgeous scenery and great photography! I love the different architecture styles and the cars - amazing!



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