Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I honestly don't think there was any better Dutch welcome then going to a Clog and Cheese factory as soon as we arrived in the Netherlands! The taste of smoky cheese and watching how the traditional Dutch footwear was made was an incredible experience when it first came to seeing the conventional ways of this gorgeous culture. Arriving in the heart of Amsterdam I instantly feel in love - house boats appear on the many canals, an abundance of bridges cross over the channels, green grassed parks and lush trees dot the canals. Gorgeous houses that have simply stunning architecture and the steepest of stairs that go to the bottom floor from the street; they of course look onto the canals with boats speeding past as a form of transport and a million bikes all parked upon the side of the street. 

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Exploring the sights of Amsterdam - From the Royal Palace, the Dam Square and the Nationaal Monument amongst other things. I met Laura through my tumblr and we have been talking for as long as I can remember! I finally met her while in Amsterdam and it honestly was an amazing experience. She took us around, showing us the sights, some of her favourite places and of course we did shop! Amsterdam has fabulous shopping! It was a day that was a highlight of my trip and my love for Amsterdam has grown immensely!

Before heading back to London we stopped off at Brugge to indulge in some lunch (and yes I am talking hot chocolate sauce, drizzled over those Belgium waffles with ice-cream! Brugge is possibly one of the cutest towns I have ever laid my eyes upon - Streams run through this medieval town swimming in history, dark brown/red bricked buildings frame the stone paved streets and being in Belgium I of course spent a fortune on Godiva chocolate. 

P.S One more photo and video diary from my trip to Europe to go!

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