The Color Run, Gold Coast 2013

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Colour Run aka the happiest 5km run on the planet and that is just what it is! Getting covered from head to toe in color is what this run is all about, with each kilometer you reach there being an abundance of color waiting to be doused all over you by the equally colorful volunteers. Blue, yellow, orange and pink can be seen for miles, music is blaring and people are not only running but dancing their way through the 5k race.  Healthiness, Happiness and Individuality is what the color run promotes and this can be seen throughout – Big smiles lighting up the face of each individual. The fun does not stop there with a huge color festival at the finishing line; color powder in vibrant shades are thrown into the air resulting not only in even more happiness and memories but being plastered with even MORE color. Throwing the color into the air to see the rainbow of hues in the air above; while singing to some of the best songs and dancing all your worries away. I felt truly free, happy and like I didn’t have a care in the world today and that truly is something that I love! It no doubly was an amazing day packed full of joy and the fact that it made me appreciate life so much more.

Watch below to see the hue of rainbows during one of the colour throws in the colour festival! 

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