Lust List: Alexander Wang Kori Boots

Sunday, 26 May 2013

I have always been in love with Alexander Wang but in the past several months my love and appreciation has grown and I am now OBSESSED! It maybe due to the fact that my personal style has grown and is ever evolving or I simply have a new found admiration for the genius that is Alexander Wang but one thing I know for certain is - I NEED these Kori boots! First released with chain detailing around the ankle part of the shoe they reinvented it while still remaining to the original design aesthetic of a small slice taken from the heel, then finished with either rose gold or nickel hardware. Every time I look at them I can feel myself caving at the thought of treating myself to them while I am in Europe. *Sighs* At the thought of slipping my foot into them and me being me I am already coming up with the endless amount of outfits I can pare these beauties with! 

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  1. Tony Bianco does a very good replica of these, check them out xx

    1. Thank you Domenica, I will check them out but I don't think anything will compare to these Alexander Wang's!


  2. wow these are amazing! They would be perfect for winter, and if I had them I would never take them off! :)

  3. Stunning boots!

    xx MJ


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