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Saturday, 23 February 2013

I have been thinking about the future a lot lately - I think it may be due to the fact I recently saw a psychic who opened my eyes up to the endless possibilities of what my future may have install. It truly got me thinking what do I want out of life? What can I see myself doing? My psychic said she saw me in the fashion industry, behind the scenes apparently dressing models and travelling due to this, she went onto say that I will excel because I am suited to that industry and I have such a strong passion for it already. It honestly made me smile and got my brain swirling with all of the possibilities that await me in the future. 

I would love for my life to be full of passion and inspiration, every day I wake up and look forward to the job and the day ahead because I simply love it that much. My day starts with me waking up in my apartment, big billowing cushions sit pretty upon oversized white lounges, the chandelier above illuminates a soft light enough to pick up the small details within the space that I carefully selected, the  Eiffel Tower's shadow glistens in the reflection of the Seine, as it is fashion week I go for a pair of my most comfortable Christian Louboutin's and slip into a gorgeous pastel fur coat. I pop the important documents that I can not forget under my arm, pull my Chanel 2.55 over my arm and make my way out of the colossal door. Walking down the cobblestone street - I stop to admire the Dior window display and stand there in sheer awe of the extravagance and craftsmanship behind every piece. Turning into a cafe to meet with a friend for tea and macarons to start my day off, I get out my phone with my Yves Saint Laurent ring sitting delicately on my hand and go through my emails regarding the latest collections, meetings and buying appointments. A girl can dream ok!?

Some inspiring words that I am going to live by! I need to stay focused, believe in myself, be confident and keep on dreaming!

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I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and keep on dreaming, no matter how big or crazy your dreams are (like mine for example) Believe in yourself and the power of your dreams

Love Codie

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