Mimco Patent Turnlock Zip Top Handbag

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Remember the amount of currently coveting's I have posted with this bag sitting oh so pretty in the corner? Yes I know, you actually can't count them because of the amount of times I have sneakily found a space for it within the endless amount of my most desired items. Well thankfully the years of dreaming and always mentioning this bag to my parents whenever I come home from work- Or basically running into the Mimco boutique in Brisbane (actually I lie, I check every Mimco boutique no matter where I am) and standing there for a good solid fifteen plus minutes just staring at it: While repeating to myself and whoever is with me I will own it one day! 

The day finally came on the 6th of January aka my birthday and the shock that spread across my face when I unwrapped this beauty was indescribable - I didn't even have to unwrap the entire bag, I saw the shining black patent and gleaming rose gold and I knew exactly what it was. In all honesty I thought that it was a matching carry on bag for my suitcase my grandparents got me. A true classic and now a statement within my wardrobe, I know for a fact that this bag will be used for every occasion life throws at me. 


  1. this bag is stunning - i love the rose gold hardware on it. beautiful! :)

    1. It is a gorgeous bag! The black patent and rose gold combination had me in love straight away! I followed you via GFC your blog is great!


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