Lovely Ladurée

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The loveliness that is a Ladurée macaron is perfection, the first touch of this delicate pastry is truly enchanting. You take the first nibble where the fragile outer shells falls away, then left with the gooey and decadent inside that a pastry chef somewhere in Paris has taken a great deal of care to gently place the ganache, jam or mouth watering filling for your utter satisfaction. You may find yourself taking a sip of tea from a lovely tea cup that sits daintily on a saucer, a glance at the store leaves you breathless from the gold detailing on the ceilings, the light pastel hues that the abode is decorated so luxuriously in, to the macaron towers that are seen when you peep through the windows and lets not forget the never ending amount of petite pastries sitting behind the gorgeous glass.  


I will confess that I am head over heels in love with this heavenly French company not just because of the Macarons being one of my biggest soft spots but to the smaller details within this ever growing and renowned company. The little pastel hue trucks that you see zipping around delivering the vast amount of pastries, the gold detailing that is embossed onto the sugary coloured packaging and the stores themselves; set out so opulently, from the furnishings, the lighting and we can't forget the stunning store front. 

I am now craving one, would anyone like to pop over with a box of them for me?

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