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Saturday, 26 January 2013

…. For some they may not know that today the 26th of January is none other then Australia day and for Australians far and wide we stop and look at all the little things that make us proud not only of our country but also the fact of being proud to call yourselves Australian. The tiniest of things can remind us of what it is to be Australian - From running across the scorching hot sand in the middle of summer, sunburn, the beach, knowing that thongs are worn on your feet, it does make perfect since for your $1 coin to be bigger then our $2 coin, the feeling of sitting down to watch our favourite team play AFL, yelling at the TV while watching the AFL, being secretly proud of all the wildlife we have, we all know that there is a universal place called woop woop, it isn't summer until it is storming and the steering wheel is to hot to touch, when someone utters the words hot like a sunrise you instantly smile, Rhonda and Katut are your favourite ship, your love for Lamingtons and Anzac biscuits is indescribable and you love sitting around the pool on a humid day whilst having a BBQ meal!

The following pictures are reminders for me of what it is to be Australian:

Myself at the beach on Christmas day

My Australian passport

Part of my never ending collection of Vogue Australia's *Needing a new bookcase because my collection is so expansive*

All of my favourite Australia magazines! Vogue, Vogue Living and Shop til you drop. 
In front of my Grandparents house on the Gold Coast
1770 the beginning of the Great Barrier Reef 
The gorgeous Miranda Kerr 
A favourite Australian company of mine, Mimco.. Pictured is my gorgeous black patent zip top handbag

By far one of my all time favourite brands and well they just so happen to be Australian! Sass & Bide

So happy Australian day to my wonderful Australian readers and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with laughter and happiness.

And a few lovely links:
Gold, Coral and Leather!
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Love Codie


  1. Happy Australia Day to you too!
    You have a smoking hot body! Ahh I love your Vogue collection! I have quite a bookcase of magazines myself - I can never bear to throw them away!



    1. Thank you Anna! You are to sweet! Thanks, my Vogue collection is starting to get out of control but like you I can't beat to throw any away - I just need to buy a new bookcase to solve my problem.


  2. Happy Australian day to you! Iam not an australian but i want go there! (i am from europe)
    -Fabulous blog!<3

    1. Thank you Alexandra! You should definitely visit Australia, you will love it. So incredibly jealous that you are from Europe. I am going to Europe in June this year actually. Thanks!



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