Thursday, 28 November 2013

With exactly one week until the UK retail giant opens its doors in Brisbane, what does it exactly mean for the consumer? One thing that we are certainly aware of is the stir it caused in Sydney and Melbourne with the fashion savvy women and men lining up for hours: Even camping overnight to make sure they get a piece of the action! 

It certainly means no more buying clothes online and it either not fitting, being completely different to what you imagined or planning a trip to Sydney or Melbourne with the idea of spending hours doing laps of Topshop in fear that you will miss something (don't lie to yourself we have all done it or at least have wanted to) It now means for us Brisbane based girls and guys of course ; We can now simply go into the CBD, have a browse, try on what we see and with our fingers crossed for the sake of all people that browse online that they have what we have fallen in love with and most likely stared at for countless hours on end. Lets all hope that they get it before you can utter the word "unique" 

Being their biggest Australian boutique at a very lust worthy and awe inspiring 3 stories or 2,200 square meters it means that for us they will be carrying all Topshop and Topman ranges including accessories *sighs* and the unique capsule collections. Topshop Brisbane will also be offering a free personal shopping service. 

With all that said though how quickly are we going to be getting the new collections and even the new products? Will it be in a matter of days, weeks or months that we get to hold it in our eager hands what we have been eyeing off on 

I will say when I found out that on 140 Albert Street, Brisbane where the bookstore Borders once stood tall - Topshop was opening, I felt a wave of sheer excitement and happiness and yet a sudden realisation swept over me; Is it not going to be as special as it once was due to having it at our disposal? Will it just be normal to now see people in head to toe Topshop? Where is you either had to buy it online or go to Sydney, Melbourne or even overseas to get your hands on it. Now with the opening it is sitting in our back pocket there to use as our one stop shop for everything amazing. I certainly hope that it doesn't loose its special finesse that it carries with it.

We have all of these questions and then some about how the store itself is going to be, the products, whether it will live up to the "largest boutique" expectations (I am sure it will but lets not kid ourselves it is no Oxford Street store in London)

My most wanted items from Topshop!

Topshop opens on the 5th of December at 140 Albert Street, Brisbane (across from the Myer centre) 

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