Chanel Le Vernis Iphone Case

Thursday, 20 June 2013

After seeing the Chanel Le Vernis iPhone Case in Dragon on bycelina about 3 weeks or so ago, I literally could not get it out of my mind! As soon as my eyes saw this beauty I knew I had to have one, so the researching begun and I soon found several (and I mean several on Etsy) but me being me I left it a tad late for it to get here in time before my departure! So I then came across it on an Australian based online store and needless to say it was in my hands and on my iPhone in a very quick 4 days. I have gotten SO many comments in regards to it so I thought I would share it on here with you all!

I will admit that the Chanel nail polishes are by far my favourite nail polishes, followed closely by O.P.I  - Of course the range of colours Chanel offers makes my heart flutter every time I walk past the Chanel counter that is overflowing with every shade! Speaking of have you all seen the latest colour Chanel just released at the beginning of this month!? Taboo is the name and it is simply stunning, a rich dark purple with a shimmer of sparkles throughout it - Verging on black but such a great alternative to a dark hue nail lacquer. It is on my lust list for sure!

Purchase the Black Satin cover from here

Wearing my Saint Laurent Artsy ring and the Chanel Le Vernis "Orange Fizz" nail polish. 

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