Year 12 Formal

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I am going to be completely reminiscent right now because well this time 2 very long years ago I was in the exact same position - That being getting prepared and beyond excited for Year 12 formal. It was something that for as long as I could remember I was planning intently in my perfectionist mind *queues the day dreaming of formal in grade 5*

The checklist of a perfectionist mind soon came to order! *A swirl of thoughts begins* 
Spray tan, two days before formal - Check
Hair Appointment and consultation with hair stylist - Check 
Makeup appointment and consultation with makeup artist - Check
Hummer Limo booked - Check
Dress, finally altered - Check
Shoes - Check
Clutch and accessories - Check 
Matching nail polish to my ring - Check

The day finally came in May of 2011 and after finding the dress (and yes I started searching and designing my dream like dress in grade 11), meeting with my makeup artist, hair dresser, trying on countless amounts of Tony Bianco's (working there at the time, I decided on buying two pairs because I couldn't make up my mind on which ones I wanted!) choosing the accessories, finding that perfect matching nail polish for my ring - It was showtime!

Formal dress: Rachel Gilbert, Shoes: Tony Bianco, Hair: Oscar Oscar, Makeup: Saint Laurent, Ring: Saint Laurent, Nail Polish: Orange Fizz by Chanel and Clutch: Colette. 


  1. Your dress is so beautiful, you look stunning! :D

    xx MJ


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