Wonderful Window Displays

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Photos by parisinfourmonths

In my current job and what I am studying - I am exposed to the world of visual merchandising and I must say I love it! Being able to create displays with products that are gorgeous and often simply awe inspiring would be a dream job for me. Being in charge of the womens designer shoes, my manager comes to me to merchandise the shoe department. I run around redoing displays, making them neater or  simply restarting the merchandising from scratch - All the while being a complete and utter perfectionist, taking a few steps back to evaluate my work, staring in sheer concentration at it and critiquing every inch of it, finding or seeing something out of place and quickly running over to fix it. Then starting the whole process over again until my perfectionist self is satisfied (or as satisfied as I can get) When my manager or even supervisor compliments me on a job well done, I literally feel warm inside, so proud and happy with myself. I must say I could do it as a full time job, maybe for Chanel? *says in a dreamy tone* Or Bergdorf Goodman, or Hermes, maybe Celine, Louis Vuitton perhaps or even Topshop, H&M or Zara! It would be a dream come true but for now I will simply stare in awe of what the current visual merchandisers create and hope one day that will be me creating such visually stunning creations in the windows and stores of the most elite fashion houses around the world.

Bergdorf Goodman Window Display. Photo by KTRstyle


  1. I am loving the 20s vintage inspired windows the most! Great post!

    I have a new post, would love to know what you think?

    Jess xo


  2. So pretty, I love the photos! :D

    xx MJ


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