Inside Fashion Illustrator, Megan Hess's gorgeous converted church home

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Her resume consists of illustrating for brands like Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Dior, Ladurée and of course the Sex and the City books by Candice Bushnell to name a few. Megan is now living and working in a 18th century church with her architect husband and two young children. Living a complete dream full of jet setting, a loving family and illustrating the most exquisite of sketches - This four bedroom house has nothing usual about it which is just the start of it's stunning appeal. 

The living and dining areas are fresh, airy and full of life as this is where the Hess family spends most of their time together. The deck has been designed with the intent of an extension from the living space with light colourings and gorgeous lush green plants this area is a true escape where the family can sit around enjoying the smell of the BBQ wafting through the air while watching the sun go down over Port Melbourne. 

Working with the integrity of the building and the original shape they decided on making it the feature of each room instead of going against it – This church has been transformed into their dream home where Megan and her family can live and do what they love. This concept of the house being built around what they love to do has been shown with the kids having their own area to play and relax in, then the parent’s retreat where they can escape to Megan’s own home office where she spends her time illustrating and working. I am in complete and utter awe of this bathroom - Extravagant, luxurious while remaining simplistic to me that is the perfect combination!

Megan's home studio is by far her favourite space within this house - A mix of her own illustrations amongst photographs decorate the walls, the feature being the wall in a hue that is a reminder of the famous Tiffany blue. Again light and airy this workspace would be a perfect place to meet those deadlines and illustrate away. I know if my studio looked like this I would not leave!

As Megan loves femininity throughout the decor of her house she can not forget to not take away the masculine touches for her husband - She explains that for the women out there that are wanting that feminine home to keep all the basics neutral. This creates a great base and then you can change the artwork and smaller objects to create a more masculine or feminine ambiance. The couples black and white bedroom is a perfect example of this balance.

When it comes to art throughout this lovely adobe there is large scale photographic pieces and a lot of Megan's own artwork, however those pieces are constantly changing. Megan explains that she also has a few special commissions up that are special to her - Such as the large scale illustration she did for Tiffany & Co. She also has the original illustration she did for the cover of Sex and the City in a little frame in her studio. Clearly displayed through the artwork: Megan is a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, “What can I say, I adore her. I love that she was, and still is, so captivating when you watch her on film or look at the incredible photographs of her. She doesn’t date and there’s not that many people you can say that about.”

Megan's book "Fashion House" is now available to buy at all leading bookshops and I must say after having a look through it yesterday admiring all the stunning illustrations while dreaming I could draw like that - It will be sitting in my bookcase very soon! 

Megan Hess's cushions inspired by her latest book "Fashion House" and what can I say I am so willing to spend $180 on these cushions - I am simply head over heels in love with them! The colour palettes, the illustrations and the fact they are filled with duck feathers makes me just sigh.

Photos from theinteriorsaddict and adore magazine


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