Will you be my valentine?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

For us single girls valentines day can be one of those days where you feel extra lonely - The love is swirling around in the air and everything just seems to be amplified times one hundred when it comes to  the romance of life. I have taken it upon myself this year to not sit back and curl into a blanket, a cup of tea by my side, watching sappy romance movies while scooping the 3rd spoonful of Ben and Jerry's ice cream into my mouth *oh I actually meant last, the entire container is now gone* while all feeling sorry for myself.. 

... Instead I am embracing being single, the freedom that comes along with it and the fact I love my life - My valentine is my life. I have also come up with the idea (and I think you should to) of going out and treating yourself to that little something you have always been dying to get. Whether it is some tantalising macarons in perfectly pretty hues, that sexy fragrance, to die for lingerie that will instantly make you feel like a Victoria's Secret model or just a bunch of flowers. Treating yourself will make you feel lovely and well appreciated because at the end of the day you should love yourself first.

If you are in a relationship I wish you and your partner a very happy valentines day, full of  romantic walks watching the city likes dazzle, a romantic candle light dinner at your favourite restaurant and of course little presents from your valentine. Maybe the above could be ideas for yourself from your valentine or you could simply treat yourself (if you are lucky both could be on the agenda!) 

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship and finding it incredibly difficult to find that special someone something out of this world - Here are some items that I believe will leave him impressed! 

To you all have a lovely valentines day! I hope it is full of love and spending time with that special someone.. For me this valentines day is going to consist with me going out with my single friends and having a fantastic night!

Love Codie

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  1. Love your picks! :D

    xx MJ

  2. My favourite perfume!, your whole set is gorgeous!


    Pamela xx

    1. Thank you Pamela! That means a lot! Flora by Gucci is such an amazing perfume!



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